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Ageing and spirituality


Leonard Grandison who is 68 and lives in Milton had always wanted to write and perform songs;  Milton Art project (MAP) provides an adult Music Class where Leonard was encouraged and supported to follow his dream.    The back story and subsequent activity was used by Faith in Community Scotland in a recent Case Study entitled “Who needs a zimmer when we can dance!”  These type of initiatives help reduce Isolation and loneliness. To see the video that the folks in Milton put together follow this link:   To buy a download or CD of Leonard’s song:

Age UK Scotland

Older people pages of Scottish Government website

Joint Improvement Team: Reshaping care for older people

Scottish Centre for Intergenerational Practice

Archived columns on ageing/faith issues, written by Missy Buchanan


Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland

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Scottish Centre for Intergenerational Practice



Click here to read 'The Jewish Community and Spirituality for Older People'


Age UK: 'Older People, Well-being and Participation'
Learning resources for working with older people and supporting well-being in old age click here to view

Rich in Years, by Johann Christoph Arnold

Looking at the spiritual riches that age has to offer and what older people and their cargivers can do to make the most of their journey. This book shares stories of people who, in growing older, have found both peace and purpose.


Spiritual perspectives of Black Caribbean and White British older adults: development of a spiritual typology in later life
Ageing and Society / Volume 33 / Issue 03 / April 2013, pp 511 538
DOI: 10.1017/S0144686X12000074, Published online: 14 March 2012
Link to this article:

A multidisciplinary model of health promotion incorporating spirituality into a successful aging intervention with African American and white elderly groups.
Michael W Parker; Jeffrey M Bellis; Phillip Bishop; Mary Harper; et al
The Gerontologist; Jun 2002; 42, 3; Research Library
pg. 406 please click to view paper

Rowe and Kahn's model of successful aging revisited: Positive spirituality - The Forgotten Factor
Martha R Crowther; Michael W Parker; W A Achenbaum; Walter L Larimore; Harold G Koenig
The Gerontologist; Oct 2002; 42, 5; Research Library
pg. 613 please click to view paper

Author/editor: Albert Jewell
Title: Spirituality and Ageing
Year: 1999
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley

Author/editor: Ruth Bright
Title: Wholeness in Later Life
Year: 1997
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley

Author/editor: Elizabeth MacKinlay
Title: The Spiritual Dimension of Ageing
Year: 2003
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley

Author/editor: Elizabeth MacKinlay
Title: Spirituality of Later Life: On Humour and Despair
Year: 2005
Publisher: The Haworth Pastoral Press

Author/editor: Elizabeth MacKinlay
Title: Ageing, Disability & Spirituality: Addressing the challenge of disability in later life
Year: 2008
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley

This book looks at the effects of disability on people in later life and focuses on how people with either life-long disabilities or the acquired disabilities of ageing may live spiritually meaningful lives. The book presents ways of moving towards more effective relationships between carers and older people with disabilities.

Grow Old Along with me - The challenge of creative ageing

Malcolm Goldsmith. This is the text of the annual (2007) Social Care Lecture of the Catholic Archdiocese of Edinburgh and St Andrews.

Contributions of faith communities toward suporting Scotland's ageing population

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