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Author/editor: Gaynor Hammond and Lorraine Moffitt
Title: Spiritual Care: Guidelines for Care Plans
Year: 2000
Publisher: Christian Council on Ageing and Faith in Elderly People

This is aimed at assissting staff understand the nature of spiritual needs and how to meet them. It arises out of extensive work in the care of older people,including people with dementia. Good quality care takes into account the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of health. Whilst most caregivers are familiar with recognising, implementing and evaluating physical and emotional care, the spiritual aspect is more difficult to recognise and assess. The guidance is given in this booklet is about cultivating an approach to providing care which weaves spiritual care throughout the whole of care giving. This is one in a series of excellent booklets available from Faith in Elderly people Leeds, c/o Gaynor Hammond, 29, Silverdale Avenue, GUISELEY LS20 8BD

Author/editor: Michael Coolyer
Title: Assisting Spirituality in residential Establishments
Year: 2009
Publisher: Church Army, Sheffield (


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