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Author/editor:Myra Schneider & John Killick
Title: Writing Your Self: Transforming Personal Material
Year: 2009
Publisher: Continuum

The introduction to the book states:

We wrote this book because of our conviction that everyone has people, events, thoughts, feelings 'buried inside' and that there are ways of bringing these to the surface so that they can be examined, shaped and perhaps offered to others. We explore this concept in depth with a wide variety of examples from known and unknown writers illustrating the achievements possible in this area.

There is a chapter on 'Spirituality' and John Burnside, Poet and Reader in Creative Writing, University of St Andrews, wrote of the book:

Throughout history, communities and individuals have renewed and preserved their sense of identity and shared riches by telling stories. To tell any story is a spiritual act: to tell our own stories is both liberation and challenge, and, at crucial points in our passage through life, words can either magnify or diminish the soul.

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