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Click here to download a free copy of KEEPING IN TOUCH - continuing the link between faith groups and care homes

For further information on women's day celebration - Edinburgh Women's Interfaith Group (EWIG - International Women's Day 2015): welcoming women of all faiths or none, click here

See below for information and links to two courses organised by the Scottish Storytelling Centre:

Fri 13 Mar | 10.30am (6hrs) | £36 (£30 Network members) | Development Day
The Arts of Memory in Later Life

The greatest music according to tradition is ‘the music of what happens’. How do we nurture that music in later life through storytelling, poetry, song, visual memory and music? This inspiring day brings together TRACS with the Scottish Poetry Library and Faith in Older People, to celebrate and nurture creativity at all stages of life. Price includes lunch.

Sat 14 Mar | 10.30am (6hrs) | £36 (£30 Network members) | Music & Song
Beginning Well with Singing
As a new season begins, Ali Burns offers a day of preparation and encouragement for all those in leading or supporting singing groups and choirs, whether in education or community settings. Set yourself up for an inspiring year of song as Ali gives invaluable insight into context, sourcing material and forging relationships. In association with Scotland Sings – see for related workshops across Scotland.

Arts of Memory:

Beginning Well with Singing:


Who we are

Faith in Older People (FiOP) is a Scottish National Charity based in Edinburgh.  Its focus is on ’spirituality and ageing’.  We define spirituality as ‘that which gives meaning and purpose to our lives’

Research and practical action has evidenced that the spiritual dimension is of great importance as we age.  This is a time when we come to terms with issues that matter towards the end of our lives. It guides the achievement of person-centred care by understanding the inner person and their values, and to take this as the starting point for caring practice.

What we do


Enabling a better understanding of the importance of the spiritual dimension to the well-being of older people

Our Aims

  • to educate, encourage and support volunteers, health and social care workers, members of faith communities and other agencies to increase their understanding of spiritual care and issues around ageing.

  • to deliver events, courses and materials to meet identified need.

  • to continue to build the capacity and efficiency of the organisation.


The concept of spirituality is difficult to understand although there is an increasing acknowledgement that it plays an important part in our lives.  There are two approaches to the definition of spirituality; both acknowledge a search for meaning.  For some people a divine presence is central; for others spirituality is a secular concept involving inner life and personal belief.

Five ways of thinking about spirituality as:

  • part of a religious belief
  • a secular concept
  • a metaphor for absence
  • a search for meaning with or without God
  • the deepest values and meanings by which people seek to live

For a fuller explanation please go to the publication ‘Insights’ – spirituality and ageing:  implications for the care and support of older people’ published by IRISS, written by Dr. Harriet Mowat and Maureen O’Neill