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What we do


Enabling a better understanding of the importance of the spiritual dimension to the well-being of older people

Our Aims

  • to educate, encourage and support volunteers, health and social care workers, members of faith communities and other agencies to increase their understanding of spiritual care and issues around ageing.
  • to deliver events, courses and materials to meet identified need.
  • to continue to build the capacity and efficiency of the organisation.

Faith in Older People works to attune people to the spiritual values of compassion, wisdom, truth, beauty, kindness and courage.

  • Celebrate the lives of older people and increase understanding of what gives us a sense of meaning and purpose in life
  • Discover ways to enable staff to relate meaningfully and give dignity and respect to older people and their families
  • Explore varied and innovative activities, so that the older person is affirmed and their spirit lifted
  • Share ideas and experience from different faith traditions about how they support their older members
  • Undertake research to ascertain the spiritual care needs of older people and how they can best be met
  • Listen to older people and discover their spiritual needs and aspirations
Training and Events
Malcolm Goldsmith

"The challenge for older people is to make sense of life at a stage when loss and change occur more frequently and perhaps more painfully."

Malcolm Goldsmith, founder of Faith in Older People